Purchase Tunnel & Playful Journey

Automotive industry have already integrate the 3D in their purchase tunnel to customize them products. What if you take the next step and offer to your customer a playful experience by playing with them order before? Discover our playful online purchase tunnel integrating the game your customer expect.

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Your customer is the real hero

We ensure every customers gets a chance to be a hero and sees a clear path to success and sales. For added realism we also add a mini 3D game to highlight specific details with cars that you can drive view changes from daylight to evening for variety.

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Bring more traffic to your Funnel

At Second Design Studio, we base our game experience for companies and customer, by following serious studies for real results. By caring about visual appeal and escapism wich are important factors that affect and precede enjoyment and proposes an integrated model that identifies factors leading to online game adoption in order to improve your traffic.
study source / Computers in Human Behavior - Mohammad I. Merhi

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